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About Us

Japanese photographer and actor, Koji Sakai, graduated from Tokyo Polytechnic University and his first job was in the pre-press department of Japan's largest printing company. He then spent most of his career in the field of pre-press and photography, both in Japan and Hong Kong.

After settling in the West of England, Koji launched his first range of post cards in 1998 and the business "Koji Sakai Cards" has grown since then as Koji's many customers have come to recognise the great quality, value and service offered by him.

Since 2010 Koji has been assisted in the business by his wife, Jane, who is naturally gifted in customer service and marketing. Koji takes every photograph published and is continually adding to his range of quality photographic greeting cards. Along with the cards, other stylish products are being created, the most recent addition being fridge magnets.